Save yourself time and effort of tree pruning and tree removal with service from our company in the panhandle. We do the hard work, from trimming and fertilizing to tree and stump removal when necessary. You get to enjoy the look of well-maintained trees without having to lift a finger.

Tree Pruning and Trimming

Tree pruning and trimming helps maintain health your trees' health and prevents branches from breaking. Although we can work according to your request, we recommend yearly service to ensure the overall health of your trees. Service is available for all types of trees.

Tree Surgery

If your trees are unhealthy, we perform various preservation services to try and save them. With surgery, we remove any diseased areas. After the affected portion dries, we apply a therapeutic formula and refill the hole with gravel to protect it from re-infection.

Deep Root Fertilization and Tree Spraying

Another way BidRite helps protect your trees is with root fertilization that feeds the soil and any holes near the trees to promote healthy growth. We also use a spray-on or injected pest control designed to work its way through your trees and provide complete protection from infestations.

Tree Removal

When your trees can't be saved, we perform complete removal from the crown to the trunk. This service is also effective if your trees' roots are growing into underground systems or your home's foundation. Depending on the size of the tree involved, service can take a few hours or as much as week. For your convenience, stump removal is provided at your request.

Stump Grinding

With our state-of-the-art equipment, we perform stump grinding that cuts yours into small pieces for easy transport to a dump. However, we can also use it to fill in the hole where we removed the stump or as mulch for your garden.